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Information about manufacturer - Trixie

The German company “Trixie” is one of the world famous leaders in the field of pet product production. It was established in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. The main office of the company is situated in Tarp.

The secret of the success for the trade mark “Trixie” is very simple. It’s real love to animals and a wish to give them only the best.

Trixie products

Trixie catalogue has more than 5500 items for dogs, rodents, cats, fish and birds.

The company produces:

  • vitamin supplements;
  • pet care products and beauty products;
  • accessories;
  • clothes;
  • toys;
  • pet beddings, houses, carriers, hutches and so on.
Advantages of Trixie products

For the trade mark “Trixie” pet health is always on the first place. That’s why the use of harmful and untested materials and ingredients are just unacceptable in the process of goodt production.

Moreover, Trixie products have the following advantages:

  • All the goods by the brand undergo the strict control at different production stages and that's why they are notable for their quality.
  • The best expert vets are engaged in the product creation.
  • All the goods are made with the help of new equipment and modern technologies.
Buy Trixie products online

In the online store Zoobio you can buy products by the trade mark “Trixie” at the most reasonable prices. We’ve created a user-friendly and easy-in-use catalogue of goods and that's why you won’t have any difficulty to find the necessary products. Place an order for the products you like right now and they will be delivered in the shortest time. Buying Trixie products you choose the real German quality!

Trixie pet supplies are high-quality products among which you can find a suitable item nearly for any pet. The company was established in 1974. Today, it occupies one of the leading positions on the European market for pet supplies. The company has several hundred of employees.

Wide range of Trixie pet supplies

Dog products are offered in the following product lines:

  • Shaun das Schaf. The source of inspiration for creating these items was a character of a popular animated film. Among these products, you can meet a toy, carrier bag, bed, bowl.
  • Hundekönig. The concept of this line was created by designer Birte Thedens. All items bear an image of a crowned dog. The series includes beds, clothing, collars and leashes, bowls and carrier bags.
  • Safer Life. This is a product line helping you to make your four-legged friend more noticeable while walking at night-time. For example, the following products with light-reflective elements are available: collars, harnesses, vests, bandanas.
  • Friends on Tour. The manufacturer offers a great number of products that provide your pet with comfort and safety while travelling. For example, bicycle trailers, bicycle baskets, carriers as well as special travel bowls.
  • Dog Activity. This line includes products that you can use while playing actively with your pet. The manufacturer offers toys that encourage the dog’s mental development.
  • Natura. This series includes comfortable dog houses that will ideally match the “landscape” of any garden.
  • Denta Fun. The manufacturer offers special snacks and chewy toys that help to keep teeth clean.
  •  Fresh Fruits. This is a line of products made in bright colours and decorated with fruit images.
  • Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern. These kinds of Trixie pet supplies feature an exquisite design. They will decorate any room. The company donates a part of revenues from the sale of items from this line to help animals in need.

Cat products are presented in the  Cat Activity, Shaun das Schaf, Fresh Fruits, Friends on Tour, Safer Life, Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern product lines. Moreover, there are the following lines:

  • My Kitty Darling. These are cute accessories that are decorated by a cat silhouette.
  • CatSelect. This category includes scratchers and accessories for them.  You can choose a design that will ideally suit your pet.

Products from the Trixie brand intended for birds are found in the following lines:

  • Natura. In particular, these are various feeders for wild birds. Such products may be set up in gardens, on balconies or terraces.
  • Natural Living. This series mainly includes wooden accessories for bird cages.
  • Pure Nature. The line includes natural treats for birds.

You can find products for small pets in the following series: Natural Living, Natura, Pure Nature, Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a great number of products for fish and reptiles.

Main advantages of Trixie pet supplies
  • The manufacturer uses high-quality materials and adjusts the design of all accessories to pets’ characteristic features. It will be comfortable for your pet to use items made by this company.
  • Trixie pet supplies are known for pleasant design. In the brand’s assortment you can find useful items as well as glamour accessories that will highlight your pet’s personality.
  • Food products from this trademark are made from the ingredients that are healthy for animals. For example, many Trixie dog treats feature high amount of meat. You can find a treat with natural vegetables and hay among products for small pets.
How to buy Trixie pet supplies online

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