Equipment products for terrariumsEquipment products for terrariums

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Terrarium tools and equipment for exotic reptiles - pet shop Zoobio offers you only choosen and high-quality brand products. You can purchase reptile supplies like Equipment products for terrariumsEquipment products for terrariums at most reasonable prices.

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Do you need various accessories for your terrarium? Then you are in the right place in Zoobio’s online shop where you will find a big selection of different products. Simply choosing the right terrarium is not enough - you can only create the right environment for a new animal with the suitable terrarium accessories. Just like with other products, it is important to pay attention to the quality. This is why we only offer you high quality products from reputable brands. And naturally at low prices.

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Decorative items tend not to stay in one place for too long due to the animals moving around, so they should be fixed as well as possible. You can use a special universal glue. It works in both terrariums and aquariums and lets you attach rocks, coral and other interior decorations. Naturally this adhesive is non-toxic for all animals. When feeding your terrarium inhabitants the feed insects can escape now and again - crickets living in your home is not only unsanitary, but can be a nightmare for many. Catching these insects will be a breeze with a special adhesive trap.