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When designing your terrarium your imagination should know no limits and you may set your creativity free. It is important to make sure that the setup is appropriate for your animals and that you pay attention to the quality of the decorations. You should also keep in mind the natural habitat of the terrarium inhabitants to ensure that they feel at home in the future. In Zoobio’s online shop you will find different products to set up your terrarium. You will quickly find the right products from a large selection according to your taste, from food and water bowls, a stunning back wall or the right ground cover for your terrarium.

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Designing your terrarium is especially important for the health and well-being of your animals. The ground cover plays an enormously important role. While reptiles prefer sand, other animals need beech wood chips or pine bark. In addition to a food bowl and drinking water, some terrariums need a water fountain or a way to cool off in the water. There are also practical automated feeders, pretty backgrounds for the back wall or even feeding rocks or dishes for worms and other live feed. Each product comes in a different design so that it will fit perfectly into your setup.