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In the Terrarium Dècor section of our shop, you will find a large variety of supplies for the interior design of your terrarium, to best suit your pet's needs. Temperature should be just right for reptiles, but plants and dècor will make the interior resemble the pet's natural habitat. Many reptiles need stones, caves, etc., made of different materials to shelter them from light and from natural enemies, or special plants common to their natural environment.

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Terrarium decoration depends on your own taste as well as the individual demands of your pets.
Most reptiles need dens, etc. for shelter during their sleep. They have natural instincts, such as hiding from enemies, and these instincts must not be disregarded in reptiles living in captivity. That's why in our Zoobio e-shop you will find dens made of different materials but also in various sizes and designs, to help you choose the dècor suiting your fancy. Make sure you include some plants, too - they are a must in many terrarium environments. Ground-covering plants are especially recommended. If you keep sea turtles, they should not live in water only. You should provide them with a rock to rest on, a so called turtle-island.