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The whole world of terraria: you want to keep exotic reptiles such as agamas, geckos, iguanas, chameleons, amphibians, turtles, poison snakes, snakes, warans, scorpions or bird spiders? For this hobby you need a special equipment and supplies. Zoobio offers you a wide range of terrarium supplies of TOP brands. Browse our selection!

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Whether desert steppe, tropical rain forests or any other magical landscape, the terrarium world draws people of all ages and offers one the possibility to see their dreams come true by creating a new world. In order for the terrarium to suit its inhabitants and come to life, it is important to consider several criteria. This is true not only for the living creatures living inside the terrarium, but also for the occasional plants. If you do not have a terrarium yet, you will find one among the numerous terrariums made of different materials in various sizes in our online shop.

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When setting up your new terrarium, there are certain things you should keep in mind. We offer terrarium accessories that will meet your aesthetic demands while covering the needs of the animals living inside the terrarium. Whether it is just toys for a new activity or a piece of dècor to make your animal feel at home, in our large selection you will quickly find the right terrarium equipment to your taste.

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A good, sturdy terrarium should feature high-quality equipment beside tasteful decoration if you want it to serve long. In this section we offer high quality lighting of varying capacity, sizes and additional features for your terrarium. Ventilation systems, humidifiers, terrarium heating and irrigation systems are essential for some animals to feel well and stay healthy.

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In this category you will find everything to help you take care of your pets - for instance, formulating balanced and varied nutrition resembling their natural diet. Our reptile food meets the needs of all kinds of terrarium dwellers, providing them with all essential nutrients. Beside the food suitable for everyday feeding, we offer tasty snacks for meals in between as well as special food for particular needs.

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