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Small Pet Toys and Rodent Transport

Cats and dogs aren’t the only animals who like to play, so do small pets! In this category you will find the right small pet toy for your animal to help keep away boredom and to make sure it gets its daily exercise. From small snack balls to hide small treats in, to swings with comfortable lounging areas, to special hamster flying saucers or wheels which can be put into the small pet cage itself, your pet’s imagination will know no limits. In addition to toys to encourage movement, there are also small pet toys to work with its intelligence. These intelligence toys for small pets often have hidden openings to find, or are small pet toys with varying levels of difficulty to make sure there is never a dull moment.

Rodent Transport - Secure and Comfortable!

Even small pets have to go to the vet or go on holiday. No matter if it is being taken for its next immunisation or just being carried around, it is important for small pets and rodents that they are kept as safe and comfortable during during transport. In Zoobio’s online shop you will find various products for rodent transport. In addition to baskets you will also find small pet boxes in various sizes at Zoobio, which are very popular and let your pet be both comfortable and secure during transport. Rabbits, rats, mice and other small pets will be less stressed, which has a positive effect on their health. Leashes and harnesses are also belong to this category and let the rodent be transported in nature so it can also enjoy the sun and grass.