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Despite their small size, pet rodents need a great deal of attention and care. And, of course, such pets need a healthy balanced diet. Many manufacturers offer high-quality rodent food. A properly chosen diet ensures that the animal gets essential substances in the optimal amounts. That helps the pet to stay healthy and active.

What are the types of food for small animals

Food requirements of these animals differ significantly depending on their species. Therefore, manufacturers produce different food for:

  • guinea pigs;
  • hamsters;
  • rats;
  • mice and gerbils;
  • degus;
  • chinchillas and others.

Despite the fact that there is no universal food for small rodents, there are products that suit several animal species. For example, food for rabbits and guinea pigs is made by brand JR Farm and for chinchillas and degus - by trademark Versele-Laga. Depending on the manufacturing method, the following categories of food can be distinguished:

  • Mixtures of natural ingredients. Contain seeds, fruit, vegetables and other components necessary for specific rodent species. In particular, rat food might contain mealworms, shrimps and other sources of animal protein. High-quality mixes for rodents are found, for example, in the JR Farm product range.
  • Granulated food. Ingredients of these products form kibbles. This is the best option for fussy eaters. This way, the animal won’t have an opportunity to choose only the components it likes and will have to eat all of them. Thanks to that, there is a higher chance that it will get enough of the essential elements it needs. Versele-Laga offers granulated food of an excellent quality.

Some manufacturers make food for babies. For example, products for growing guinea pigs are manufactured by brand Beaphar.

How to make your choice
  1. Consider the food preferences of your pet as food should be not only healthy but delicious as well. For example, if your guinea pig likes carrots, try to give it the food which contains this ingredient. Manufacturers offer a huge range of foods so you’ll surely find the product to your pet’s taste.
  2. Please note that one and the same food for rodents might be available in different packaging. It is handy to order a small pack for a try. When you make sure your pet likes it, you can order larger ones. It’ll save you the trouble of having to restock often and spending money on delivery.
  3. If your pet has health problems, you should discuss its diet with the vet. The specialist might decide that the pet’s menu needs adjusting.
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