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Small pets that are kept in cages or in pens should use litter and straw. Zoobio’s product range has a number of products in this category. As far as which litter or straw is the right choice depends on various criteria. The size and species of the animal play an important role. You should also observe their behaviour in their enclosure. You can use pellets in your pet’s enclosure, but also hay, straw and sand, as well as special small pet litter.

The Right Ground Cover for Your Pet

Many small pet owners combine different litter and bedding options. Experts recommend a combination of ground litter such as pellets with hay and straw for rodents. The bottom of the enclosure should have a cover of pellets about 5 cm deep. High quality hay or straw then comes on top, which lets your rodent nest and dig without coming in contact with the plastic floor. Animals that dig a lot should have a much deeper ground covering. A layer of straw should be the top layer so that it can carry down the moisture and keep the top dry.