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Information about manufacturer - Julius K9

Accessories for dogs are produced under the trademark Julius K9. The products are very popular in Europe. The founder of the brand is Julius (Gyula) Sebo and its history began in 1997. The products of the trademark help to accentuate every dog’s individuality.

Julius K9 products

  • Harnesses. The distinctive feature of the products is that you can also attach tags with names, aphorisms and etc. to them. Such “talking” accessories make the bond between a human and an animal stronger.
  • Leads. These products by Julius K9 differ from each other in materials, length and the presence of a handle.
  • Collars. The colour variety will let you accentuate your pet’s individuality. You can choose an elegant leather collar, a practical item glowing in darkness and etc. To some models you can attach tags with texts, just like in case with harnesses.
  • Muzzles. Julius K9 produces products taking into the consideration special features of different breeds. For example, you can choose a muzzle for a dog both with a long and a short snout.
  • Toys. Julius K9 products are durable. You can use most of them during the process of dog training.
  • Clothing. A practical jacket will protect your pet during cold, windy and rainy weather.
  • Accessories for dog handlers. This category includes jackets, mats  and other products that make the process of working with animals easier.
Advantages of Julius K9 products

The training equipment that is produced under the trademark is one of the best in the world. The majority of accessories is manufactured in Germany.

Products of Julius K9 are noted for their comfortable use. The proof of their high quality and practicability is the fact that they are widely used by police, army and customs service.

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