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The optimal horse keeping is composed of the right feed, sufficient space and love. Cleaning and care of a horse are essential for the horses’ health and well-being and should never be missed out. On the contrary, most horses need to be cleaned every day which is not only important for the cleanliness and hygiene. Through the brushes and combs, the muscles are being massaged and stimulated at the same time. In addition, the skin is freed from dirt so that bacteria cannot settle. The assortment at Zoobio offers a large selection of different products regarding cleaning and care of your horse. You will definitely find the right products.

Products for the cleaning and care of your horse

The cleaning of the fur plays an important role. Here, the grease is removed as well as the skin freed from sweat, grease and dirt. The skin and muscles are being massaged and stimulated through the circular motions and the bonding between the owner and the horse is being strengthened. For this, there are various brushes with different intensities; hence there are products for the heavy dirt, but also very light and soft brushes. Furthermore, you can find care products such as shampoo or entire horse grooming boxes. You can also find the perfect product at Zoobio for the regular brushing the mane and tail.