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Whether you’re going on a day trip or a family vacation, the dog can always be a part of your group and make you happy on your journey. However, your dog must be well cared for on the trip and safely transported. In our Transport and Travel category at Zoobio, you will find a large selection of helpful travel products for small, middle-sized and even large dogs.

Most people drive their cars for vacation. For this type of vacation, we have many solutions for transporting your dog. Large dog breeds are typically transported in the trunk area. In this arrangement, it is important to develop a protective grid to keep your dog from sliding in the back when you brake. If the dog is travelling in the backseat, then it needs a harness to keep it secure like a typical seatbelt. Many dog owners also use a dog crate when traveling which should also be secured using a protective grid. Also, don’t forget the dog toys and dog waste bags!