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Cat toilet and care

Cats are not only selective regarding their nutrition, but also regarding their bathroom, its care and their cat litter. Therefore, the cat toilet should be chosen according to the preferences of your darling. The deed is not only done by just purchasing a cat toilet, you obviously need cat litter and the right cleaning appliances for the toilet. The selection at Zoobio offers many cleaning products, such as environmental spray, shovels for the regular cleaning, mats and other cleaning tools besides the cat toilet. This way, you are perfectly equipped for your cat's toilet area.

The cat toilet at Zoobio

While many cats like the typical and simple rectangular toilet, others prefer an enclosed toilet; interestingly, the breed of the cat does not have any influence on the preference. There are cat toilets with a top; their surrounding area of the cat litter trays stays somewhat clean because the top prevents the cat litter to be flying out of the toilet. Since cat toilets can start to smell unpleasantly, we recommend the usage of different deodorants or sprays, such as a spray for the surrounding to bind the unwanted odors. Furthermore, there are special mats that can be placed in front of or around the cat litter-box to keep the area cleaner. The floor is protected from cat litter, easily cleaned and stays hygienic.