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As a rule, pets have no opportunity to gambol freely, and that’s why they let out the excess energy by scratching the furniture and wallpapers, tearing curtains and troubling their owners in other ways. If you want to avoid such behaviour of your four-legged friend, offer special toys for cats to it. These products help keeping animal’s muscles toned, develop agility and improve coordination of movements. Besides, with these interesting accessories the pet won’t get bored while its owner is at work.

Toys for cats: types and peculiarities

Manufacturers produce various accessories which can make four legged mischief-makers happy. The most popular are the following products:

  • Mice. They’re products made of fabric, plastic, fur, rubber, sisal, etc. Kitty may spend lots of time and energy trying to catch such a “prey”. Various models of these toys are available now. The Trixie brand, for instance, offers mice on a spring and others which can be attached to the door handle.
  • Balls. They’re simple toys which most cats adore. Plastic, rubber and plush are mainly used for their production. And sisal balls are sold under the trademark “Pitti”, for example. Such items are both fun and practical: pets use them as miniature cat scratchers. Lots of cats also like balls with bells inside.
  • Teasers. They’re ribbons, feathers, balls or other small objects attached to a rope or stick. Such products are present in the product range of Europet-Bernina, Pitti and others. Usually these toys are meant for playing with the owner, but there are some exceptions. For example, there are automatic teasers powered by batteries under the Trixie trademark.
Now you can also buy various interactive toys for cats. Manufacturers offer:
  • Food mazes and treat balls. Such products are present in the product lines of Savic, Trixie and other brands. These accessories develop the cat’s intelligence. To get a treat the pet needs to be smart and make some efforts.
  • Toy boxes with balls or mice which have to be paw-pushed through special holes. Such products, for example, by the StarMark brand are an excellent way to entertain your pet.
  • Activity tunnels. Cats love these original fabric or fur “hoses” with a frame. They can be up to 50 cm long or even longer. For example, the Trixie product range includes 125 cm long tunnels.

What should you consider when choosing cat toys?

First of all, entertaining accessories should be safe for your pet. As any toy will surely end up in your cat’s mouth, choose products without small parts that can be accidentally swallowed. It’s also important that toys should have no sharp elements that can hurt the animal.

Many cat owners wonder how to choose cat toys which will surely take fancy of their pets. Offer various options to your pet and watch its reaction. This way you can find out which items the cat finds the most entertaining.

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