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Cat scratchers are a must-have in every house where a cat lives. These products help to protect other interior items from being clawed by your four-legged friend. The animal can still enjoy sharpening its claws and its owners won’t have to worry about their furniture.

Cat scratchers: types and characteristics

These products often have a sturdy framework wrapped with sisal. Less often you can find products made of natural wood or cardboard on sale. Cat scratchers are produced by such companies as Trixie, EBI (Classic, Comfort, Elite and other product lines), Savic. Manufacturers offer products of different sizes. You can choose a suitable scratcher both for a kitten and for an adult animal of a large breed.

These products can be of different shapes. There are cat scratchers of the following kinds:

  • scratching posts;
  • scratching mats;
  • wall-mounted scratchers (standard and corner ones);
  • houses;
  • playgrounds with several platforms, steps, beds and toys.
What should you consider when choosing cat scratchers?

It’s necessary to choose a product considering the animal’s specific features. The scratching post should be so high as to allow the pet to stretch to its full length. Before choosing a cat scratcher consider your cat’s character. If your pet is active and playful, a playground with a scratching post will suit perfectly. This way the cat will not only sharpen its claws, but get all the fun it wants.

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