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Cats are sensitive animals that appreciate comfort. They will choose the cosiest places in your house to sleep. You wouldn’t like it to be your bed. Pet product manufacturers offer an alternative - special beds and mats for cats that give the animal maximum comfort. Such products are not only practical, but may become real interior decorations.

Types of beds and mats for cats

They come in a great variety. So, to arrange the cat’s sleeping place pet owners may use:

  • Cushions. With the help of such a product you can create comfortable conditions for your pet not only at home, but in its carrier as well. For example, Savic offers such cushions.
  • Open beds with sidewalls. Such items are cosy and let the animal see all around. This category includes, for example, products by Scruffs represented in Thermal product line.
  • Caves. They’re enclosed houses which are perfect for timid and shy cats. For instance, you can buy caves by Trixie.
  • Window-mounted cat beds. They’re an excellent choice for pets which enjoy watching what is going on outside. The Trixie brand offers such products.

Cat beds and mats differ in production materials. The most popular are textile beds with a soft filling material. However, if you wish, you can choose a stylish plastic product, for example, caves by Moderna Products and pEI Pod.

What should you consider when choosing beds and mats for cats?

You should certainly consider individual characteristics of your pet, for example, the length of its hair. Representatives of short-haired or hairless breeds usually need more warmth. For such animals cave houses will be a perfect choice.

During cold winter months you can use a cat bed which is attached to the radiator, if you wish. In such a bed your pet won’t be cold any more. If you’ve decided on a plastic item, find out if comes with a cushion. If not, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Don’t forget about your own comfort when thinking how to choose beds and mats for cats. Give preference to accessories made of washable materials. Besides, it’s better to choose a bed so that it would match the room’s interior design.

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