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As a bird breeder and happy owner you want only the best for your pet, just as we do. With high-quality Wild bird feed from Zoobio you'll make sure that your birds are healthy and carefully attended.

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Wild birds don’t have it easy, especially in winter. Not only is it extremely cold, but food is also in short supply - which means that many birds do not survive the winter. Many people take the opportunity to put out special birdseed to ensure that the weak birds have a chance, and that the birds have enough food for themselves and their families. It is important to use a high-quality bird food which is designed for the individual needs of the birds and is rich in vitamins, fats and other nutrients. Wild birds of all kinds look forward to bird food during the cold months, no matter whether they are blackbirds, tits, or robins. Thanks to the large selection you can offer a healthy and varied selection to these dear creatures, with never a dull moment.

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Looking for high quality wild bird supplies? Zoobio’s online shop is the right place! Here you will find a huge selection of various wild bird food, as well as a suitable bird house with a bird feeder. A bird house gives you the chance to offer these birds wild bird food in a safe location. In the online shop at Zoobio you will find the right wild bird food, whether with sunflower seeds, dried mealworms, tasty peanuts or even complete mixes, food bars or dried ears of corn to hang in trees and bushes. With the right bird feeder you will get an excellent view of the animals eating their treats. The individual products are from top brands and are excellent quality, and thanks to the low prices you can take advantage of more than one offer.