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As a bird breeder and happy owner you want only the best for your pet, just as we do. With high-quality Bedding for birds from Zoobio you'll make sure that your birds are healthy and carefully attended.

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Care and hygiene for birds

Birds should live in a sanitary surrounding and enjoy the best of care. Especially important is the regular cleaning and care of the bird cage and the equipment. Often, it is not sufficient to only wash out the cage with warm water or vacuum the bird sand, feathers and feed remnants. Birds are pets that make their cage and its surrounding dirty. A hygienic and thorough cleaning with products especially regarding this are now part of your daily routine. At the assortment at Zoobio, you can find optimal products in the area of care, cleaning and hygiene regarding birds which allow you to make a find in no time.

Products for the care and hygiene at Zoobio

Besides the rough cleaning of the bird cage, its surrounding should also be cleaned hygienically. For this, we recommend a special cleaning product; especially suitable is a disinfectant spray. The spray keeps the bird cage and its surrounding sanitary and clean, but it also kills bacteria. Furthermore, we recommend using a suitable ground substance composed of the typical bird sand as well as beech wood chips. With the correct care and cleaning it is obvious that you can offer your bird the perfect living space in which he feels completely happy and healthy.