Food for aquarium fish

Food for aquarium fishes

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Along with the optimally constructed tank and the correct aquarium technology, the fish food plays an enormously important role in the wellbeing of your aquarium fish. The food should be chosen according to the natural requirements of the fish.

For this reason the category of fish food at Zoobio's online shop is varied and offers the right fish food at the right price, whether for small freshwater aquarium fish or even catfish, shrimp, and salt water fish. The individual food varieties are offered by many different manufacturers so that you can be sure of a good quality.

Types of food for aquarian fishes

The food for aquarian fishes is produced in the following typpes:

  • flakes,
  • chips,
  • granules
  • the granulated rods.

To choose a product that precisely will be pleasant for your pets, pay attention to the way they like to eat. Flakes will suit small fishes who eat on a water surface. And, for example, the granulated rods will be to the taste of. Chips are the universal type of a food suitable for all species of fish.

Ordering fish food at Zoobio

Whether guppies, goldfish, catfish, neons or shrimp and crabs, the correct food is vital for the optimal wellbeing of your aquarium inhabitants. Before deciding on a food variety, you should make sure exactly which variety of food is appropriate for your fish. Zoobio's selection contains not only complete food, but also offers small treats for fish. You can also order special supplements to correct any deficiencies in their diets.

Whether pellets, the popular flake food, special granules or sticks, it's important to always follow the feeding instructions. The individual products of course contain mainly natural ingredients and provide your aquarium fish with all of the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.